TURNING THE TIDE: $?, 8½” x 11”, newsprint, 28 pgs.

May 07, 2015

Turning the Tideis a radical anti-racist/anti-fascist magazine; this issue of a kind of commemorative one celebrating their twenty-five years of publication. Each year from 1988 to 2013 gets its own page featuring articles, notices, and even ads from that respective issue. Definitely important and definitely a labor of love (I personally liked seeing how the layouts of various pages evolved over time), but the fact that each article inevitably gets cut off midway through, with a “Read the rest of the article in Issue #--” tacked on at the bottom of the page. I understand this issue is serving simply as a kind of showcase, but it just seems like a half-hearted effort when it’s done that way. –Keith Rosson (Anti-Racist Action, PO Box 1055, Culver City, CA90232)