TURN ME ON DEAD MAN: Technicolour Mother: CD

Nov 28, 2006

I guess Alternative Tentacles sold enough Zolar X CDs to get them into the glam business full time, but this thing is a pretty mixed bag (of drugs): sweet bottom-heavy stoner riffs share real estate with interstellar suck jams, the whole thing a jumble of influences from Sabbath, T Rex, Bowie, Beatles, Smashing Pumpkins to...shit, who knows (not me), maybe even the Grateful Dead. Apparently it should be important to know that Tim Green from Nation Of Ulysses produced it, but I’m not sure why. Further disinterest is generated by front/main-man Mykill Ziggy’s terrible name. I’ll leave the Mykill part for you to fuss with; I just can’t stop thinking about the Ziggy from the “funny” pages.

 –doug (Alternative Tentacles)

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