TURKISH TECHNO: “Someone Send Me a Life Boat” b/w “Where Have You Been?” , “Peanuts” b/w “Little: 7"

Nov 16, 2010

Turkish Techno aren’t solved easily. They’re neither Turkish, nor are they techno. Why is this two 45 RPM 7”s instead of a one-sided, four-song 12” with an etching on the B-side? Is that really Indian elephant god, Ganesha, in a Shriner’s cap, eating a burrito, swilling a Pabst, sporting a necklace of beheaded band members on the covers? I believe so. Andy, one of the songwriters, disclosed to me that he often writes songs when pooping. And I’m sure I couldn’t write a review without one member getting bent out of shape about something. Anything, actually. I think they sound like the Jack Palance Band or the Horrible Odds mixed with folks who listened to a lot of ‘90s Epitaph punk growing up: blistering and breathless-throaty vocals over a full-force, polished drive. They’ve got the anxiety of a band at odds with itself—on the verge of a breakdown—really going for them. My two cents is they should go on tour with Off With Their Heads and in between sets, they could dim the lights and have a nightly “complain-off.” Top drawer stuff from a Riverside band that’s perpetually threatening to break up. May they never be satisfied.

 –todd (Wolf Dog / Muy Autentico)