Mar 22, 2016

After a period of depression during which I didn’t listen to any music for almost five months, I slowly eased myself back into the saddle with some tried and trusted favorites, along with a handful of new releases. One of those newbies included this, Turkish Techno’s second album—one where time wasn’t wasted on choosing a title—containing a collection of songs that almost singlehandedly reignited my pilot light. From then on, doors kept opening and I felt reborn, with a renewed desire to listen to whatever I could get my hands on. No mean feat, yet all it took was the sound of two guitars frantically buzzing away, some catchy tunes, and to top it all off, an outstanding cover of “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure to getting the fire burning again. Much better than any prescription drugs, so I tip my hat to the band for this record.

   –Rich Cocksedge (Dirt Cult, dirtcultrecords.com)