TURBOSLUT: Self-titled: Cassette

May 26, 2008

After having popped it in and pressed play, I sat back and waited. I was immediately reminded of something my mom liked to say. Through the years, my mom has always commented, “I think there’s something wrong with the stereo,” whenever within distance of hearing my music. Well, my mother is about 350 miles away, so I had to say it for her. However, unlike her, I wasn’t being snide. I dug through a box where I thought I might find a tape to check the deck, and lo and behold, not only a Chuck Berry tape, but also a Panty Raid tape! They both played as well as a tape could play. I guess it’s the Turboslut tape. The tape is super quiet, and when I turn it up, the sound gets kinda muffled. What I can make out sounds really good. It’s anxiety-ridden, angry, and menacing. Think along the lines of Econochrist and Spitboy (Turboslut goes with female vocals), but not as gloomy. Still, it doesn’t lose its edge. The lyrics aren’t bad, either. Hopefully this band sticks around. I look forward to hearing a better (i.e. audible) recording.

 –Vincent (Self-released, www.turboslut.org)