May 10, 2007

This is definitely a boot (scratched-out matrix, hand numbered 1 and 2 for the label sides). Turbonegro: Fuck if I remember this correctly, but “Staten Och Kapitalet,” was originally on Never Is Forever (pre-Ass Cobra, so not the primest of Turbo, but definitely not slouchy and in the Denim Demon phase) but didn’t have any words. This one does, and it’s an Ebba Gron cover. (Thanks to Kalle from Smalltown for introducing them to me.) That’s followed by a cover of Fear’s “I Don’t Care About You.” I’m, by no means, a Turbonegro completist, but, hell, this is a nice addition to their extensive catalog. The Rippers: Maybe, just maybe, there was one part of one Alice In Chains song that I could tolerate. Maybe. But, through some alchemy I’m not quite sure I’ve figured out, The Rippers have taken that passing flash and made two very non-ass songs that are big-sounding, crunchy, tight, and catchy.

 –todd (Satan. Bootlegs don’t have addresses.)