TUNNEL, THE: Sultry Daggers: CD

May 08, 2013

A few years back I had the privilege to review An Eternity of Blood by Jeff Wagner’s Tunnel Of Love. Whereas that incarnation leaned more towards a singer/songwriter sensibility, The Tunnel is a full-on band version of the same project in terms of both provenance and performance. That said, I described the music in the earlier review as Tom Waits meets Rob Zombie with some German expressionism thrown in, and that still stands. And I still love it. This is dark and spooky and weird, and this manifestation as a band now compels comparisons to The Birthday Party, sans the really bizarre imagery that NickCave could come up with at times. This would be my soundtrack to sit brooding in a dimly lit room late at night, plotting the gruesome demise of all my enemies.

 –Eric Carlson (Glorious Alchemal)