TUNES, THE: Love Uncool: LP

May 30, 2014

I feel lately we are unearthing a lot of shitty eighties music and calling it power pop. I’m a sucker for a haircut and a Rick Springfield lean, but I see a lot of that in dollar bins and, as we all know, buyer beware. However, whoever put this out has taste. It takes an ear to appreciate it, I think. It’s more on the lighter side. It doesn’t have balls, but it has heart. It’s catchy as hell. I put the needle back on “Elevator” a few times before I even got through the whole thing. Awesome vocal harmonies, great choruses, and upbeat themes are prevalent. If you’re only into the heavy power-chord power pop and don’t dig the poppier stuff, then this isn’t for you. But it’s high quality for fans of The Shoes, Squeeze, or better Elvis Costello. For a more obscure reference, that Colors’ song “Growing up American” and the Trainspotter’s “High Rise” also come to mind. I’m keeping it. 

 –Billups Allen (Cheap Rewards,