TUNABUNNY: Minima Moralia and “(Song for my) Solar Sister” b/w “Airport”: LP and 7″

Up until now, I had heard but one song from Tunabunny, “Outer Space Is the Center of the Earth,” but that one song took up the entirety of one side of a 12”. I picked up that record for the band on the other side, Hulaboy. That song was a good spacey, recursive number that was a bit hypnotic. The tracks found here are more in line with more traditional songs. They definitely have an entrancing and hypnotic edge and they retain the spaced-out, breathy female vox, but they also have an undeniable outsider pop catchiness—something I didn’t get in their split 12”. They remind me of Sonic Youth at that band’s most accessible, but I don’t think that they sound like each other. Damn fine music happening here.

 –Vincent (HHBTM)