TUNABUNNY: Kingdom Technology: LP

Jul 28, 2014

My first thought: Is this record playing on the right speed? Because I’m already deep into the first song and it’s mostly indistinguishable, meandering, reverb-drenched keys and not much else. My second thought: Hey, this second song is raging! Cool! Oh, it’s over already. Bummer. Next thought: I suspect that the reptilian portion of my brain is unwilling to embrace the droning beats and twee melodies. Furthermore: A lot of this record sounds like extraterrestrial transmissions with intermittent bursts of blitzing pop songs and keyboard-driven ballads. Ultimately, my final verdict is akin to how I perceive art in general: I don’t give a rat’s ass what some college grad deems high or low art, but if I like the way something makes me feel (even if it’s a “bad” feeling) then I have to commend the artist. Sadly, Tunabunny doesn’t make me feelvery much with the exception of a few fleeting portions of inventiveness. Overall, it’s neither haunting nor savvy enough to execute its musical deconstruction. It ends up feeling a tad highfalutin’. I half-expect someone to tell me that I just don’t get it.

 –Sean Arenas (HHBTM)