TUNABUNNY: Genius Fatigue: CD

Jan 21, 2013

Tunabunny play smart indie pop. The two girl singers weave in and out of harmonization and counter-play throughout the songs, whispering, speaking, and singing over guitars that go from a surf twang, to arty off-kilter riffs, to string-scraping drags seamlessly. They don’t stick to formulas and each song sounds completely different but essential to the whole of the album. You could compare it to Team Dresch or Sleater-Kinney, though it would be unfair. There was a lot more new ground to break when those bands changed the game. These folks do a whole lot with a whole lot less to work with, and have a fresh sound. Their lyrics are abstract—at times seeming to deal with gender—otherwise just abstractly impressionistic and poetically heady or spinning weird tales. I have to be in the mood for Genius Fatigue. Though melodic and catchy, it’s also complicated and requires attention. It’s seemingly benign initially, but it’s a caustic sugar, demanding to be recognized.

 –Craven (HHBTM)

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