TUFFIES, THE: You Go Girl!... And Don’t Come Back: CD

Sep 18, 2001

The Tuffies consist of the same satirically twisted trio as Bangers And Mash (both groups, by the way, include the multi-talented P. Edwin Letcher, editor-in-chief of Garage And Beat! magazine, on guitar and vocal duties!)... but the robust sonic sassiness barbarically blastin’ from this demented ear-shreddin’ disc is psychotic fuzz-drenched garage madness at its most awe-inspiring! It’s primitive “Nuggets”-style snottiness (circa 1966-’68) that’s all-at-once dazzling, intoxicating, and overwhelmingly pleasing to all six senses! Hell yeh, I hear an ear-inflaming influence of The Yardbirds, The Sonics, The Count Five, The Seeds, and even The Cramps crazedly contained throughout these noggin-thumpin’ numbers! The Tuffies raucously rock to the core, motherfuckers! I rowdily recommend this with the utmost of frenzied fervency...

 –Roger Moser Jr. (British Cooking)