TUBLOIDS / BRONxxx: The International Skaterock Split: LP

Bronxxx made me happy as soon as their first song started. They are a Japanese skaterock band who recorded their songs in a Mexican restaurant and claim that they do not skate. You had me at Japanese Mexican restaurant. Sometimes you can hear how much fun a band is having just in their recordings. That’s the case with these guys. This is classic skaterock, the type you’d play over and over on the Thrasher cassettes in the ‘80s. The Tubloids has a more surfy skatepunk sound with Rancid-esque vocals. These guys are from Vancouver, B.C. and appear to have recorded their songs in a studio. Flip this record—either side it lands on, you can’t go wrong. Rip it! 

 –Ryan Nichols (Beer City, [email protected])