TUBERS: Anachronous: CD

I would—and indeed, will—call this angular, technical punk. Drive Like Jehu comes to mind. The songs, for the most part, are good but not quite balls-out frantic enough for my taste. What I actually like best on here are the slow instrumental songs. “Unmutual” and “40 XL” which are where the band lets songs breathe a little bit and, in the process, build tension that they aren’t quite hitting in their other songs. These quiet songs show the band approaching I Hate Myself territory, which being my favorite emo type band, is a really good thing. I’m on the cusp of saying these guys are doing really good on here, but what I really want is a little more push to both extremes of aggression and quiet restraint. If that happens, then I’ll say this band is in awesome land.

 –Adrian (No Idea)