TSUNAMIS, THEE: Saturday Night Sweetheart: LP

Upon seeing the cover of this album—three ladies in leather jackets with hairstyles that look like they’re from the 1950s or early 60s—I released a sigh. “Not again,” I thought. I feared this would be another in a long line of all-girl groups that played bubblegum, sha-na-na pop punk. Boy was I wrong (and happily so)! The sound that this Bloomington, Indiana-based act jam out over thirty-two minutes is fuzzy, dirty, and poppy. Yes, there was still a ‘50s-influenced sound with harmonies, but the distorted vocals and fierce guitar work on some of the tracks separates Thee Tsunamis from the pack. There are enough things going on to make for a fresh sound: the guitar on the opening track, “Female Trouble,” sounds like the Reatards, while the opening riff on “Drag” sounds like they’re channeling the Misfits (more of that, please). One song is sung entirely in French (“Un Psycho”) and “Kill Kill Kill” has a cool contrast of the vocalist singing “I wanna kill” in a smooth delivery while there are handclaps in the background. I’d love to hear some more of the heavy guitar work and a little less of the pop sound, but, overall, this was a great surprise. 

 –kurt (Magnetic South, magneticsouthrecordings.org)