TSUNAMIS, THEE: Delirium and Dark Waters: 7”

Jul 27, 2014

Seriously awesome female lo-fi, garagey surf rock with lots of reverb. The first track opens with a dark and heavy bass rumbling in for a measure or two and is quickly joined by twangy, bright guitar and high-pitched squeals. The drums are tight, controlled, and way mellow compared to the smorgasbord of chaotic sounds from the rest of the band. Thee Headcoatees meets The Cramps with four songs about haunted houses, hanging at the swamp, spell casters, and psycho lovers that will creepy crawl right into your head. For a three piece band, they sound incredibly full and while the riffs used are pretty common in surf rock, they’re not normally played at this speed and with such frantic excitement. Thee Tsunamis are ‘60s mod, surf, and horror punk all at once and they manage to make all their elements extremely enjoyable. 

 –Kayla Greet (Magnetic South)