TSOL: Disappear: CD

Sep 22, 2009

To hear that one of the bands from my childhood was going to be putting out a new release was exciting for me. Like a spoiled child, I kept asking the Razorcake staff if the new TSOL had come in. Once it finally came in, they were nice enough to give it to me for review. If you know anything about TSOL, they progressively changed their sound on every record. During that period of the first self titled 12", "Dance with Me" LP, "Weathered Statues" 7" and "Beneath the Shadows" LP, I saw them so much during those years that I could grow and evolve with their change in sounds. I still put those records on to this day and enjoy them. They went rock in the Guns and Roses way after Jack Grisham and Todd Barnes left the band and suddenly disappeared. The original members did some reunion shows in the '90s under the LOST title because of name ownership issues. In between the "Beneath the Shadows" LP and this one, I won't count the rock records, Jack Grisham was in: Cathedral of Tears, Tender Fury and the Joykiller. Also in that time period, Todd Barnes the original drummer died of causes I can't currently remember. As for this record, it's hard to judge for me. Ron Emory's trademark guitar sound is here. Jack is Jack on vocals and Ron is Ron on bass. Maybe my expectations were a little too high. I like it but I do not love it. To me this sounds like Joykiller Jr. I listen to it constantly but it has not completely won me over. Who knows, maybe in time.

 –don (Nitro)