TSOL: Anticop b/w White American: 7"

Sep 22, 2009

It's a split decision at the record stores I frequent. Is it TSOL Jack or Joykiller Jack or Tender Fury Jack? Some fans from "way back when" don't seem to be stoked on Jack's voice but give Ron Emory and Mike Roche the thumbs up. Why? At times, Jack's a tad overblown (or spooky or cheesy, depending on who's casting adjectives). To me, it sounds like he's in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." So, I popped back on TSOL's 12" self-titled EP from'81. Yup. Jack's more of an opera singer now. In fact, on the 12", he basically talks his way through. It's the classic quandary - do you want your favorites to progress beyond making the same album again and again (which TSOL could never be correctly accused of), or do you slag them when they zag when you expect them to zig? I like both songs. They're both very, very far from being shitty, and it's hard to deny instrumentation both burns and builds at the same time. That's a mighty difficult thing to do. Ultimate likeability all hinges on if you mind an affected voice instead of a more direct vocal delivery. I'm fine with it. I like this 7" and I like the new album.

 –todd (Nitro)