TSAR: Band-Girls-Money: CD

Jun 29, 2007

Ah, the perils of signing with a major label. Let me explain to bands everywhere why it’s better to stick with an indie than to collude with the devil spawn of the RIAA. Freelance writers like myself usually listen to CDs while on the computer so they can type and write at the same time. Playing this CD in my car is no help—my cheap ass set-up does not list the tracks. I could go down into my basement (don’t make me, Joey!) and listen to them and then take notes. But that’s strictly Dark Ages, baby. So, here’s what you get when you allow a major label to put software on a disc that does not allow the disc to be played on any normal computer—squat. Who is going to make multiple copies of this and pass them on to their friends anyway? It’s a NEW band! So here is what the members of TSAR and their record company would like you to know about their music—”This CD is equipped with CDS-100 copy protection technology preventing the downloading or burning of the music contained. This disc may not be compatible with some players.” I wonder if XM™ satellite radio’s copy had this on there or was it just magazines like Razorcake cos they think their writers are weasels? I can’t answer that but I can tell you the cover was kind of snazzy.

 –koepenick (TVT)