TRY THE PIE: Domestication: LP

Oct 28, 2015

Domestication is intimate and soft spoken, almost like a whispered secret in your ear. I’ve seen Bean play solo before she decided to create a full lineup with Try The Pie and this is really her signature sound; her gentle honesty is a badge of honor and she wears her heart on her sleeve. With members of Crabapple and Sourpatch, as well as heavy doses of the Softies and Mazzy Star, these undeniable influences resonate in song melodies. The weaving of guitar and bass in “Flood or Drought” and standouts like “Bad Reaction”—Bean’s overlying bittersweet, ethereal voice propels each song along with gentle force with melodies that roll off her guitar and sensitive tongue. Perfect for introspective moods or a slow-paced day.   –Camylle Reynolds (Salinas)