TRUST: Mythic Maps: EP

Nov 30, 2010

Glad as hell I picked this up. Sounds like Om meets Tarantula Hawk and Yeti. Apparently this is only a duo, yet they sound like a full band. There’s a heaviness that’s undeniable, and there are solid riffs throughout. Sometimes I think I hear a keyboard in there, but it’s only a guitar. “Mythic Maps Pt. 1” has some of the best lyrics I’ve heard in a while, “Earth—wormholes within reach, gates to psychic journeys through the endless unknown space,” makes me wonder if they have consumed heavy amounts of 1970s science-fiction. All the songs are based around space travel, and they really hit their mark on “Van Gogh’s Ear”, which has a strong drive, but the real strength is in the break where the vocals harmonize and the music quiets down before lurching back into the main riff. Impressive that a prog band can put out a four-song EP with as much power as it has. Makes me wonder what they could do with a full LP. Hope I get to find out.

 –M.Avrg (Red Tape,