TRUST: Hardcore Girls: 7"

Sep 25, 2007

By looking at the cover of this release, I thought this was going to be a tough guy straight edge hardcore record with a stupid title, based on one of the shirts a band member was wearing. It is a Chain Of Strength shirt and the title is Hardcore Girls. So, to my surprise, the picture was a group of girls and not guys. So the title does make sense. I can take that my first impression was wrong. I pop the record on my turntable and go for a ride. Straight-ahead, in-your-face hardcore punk that is fast and furious. Short, fast, and loud. No metal disguised as hardcore. These ladies do not hold back. Coming from Buenos Aires, Argentina, you can hear the love of early American hardcore in their sound with their no fluff, all speed ahead approach. Would love to see this band live because I know they could hold their own with any band on any lineup.

 –don (Emancypunx)

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