TRUST FUND BABIES: Up to No Good: 7”

Sep 18, 2001

With the luck of the draw I drew a few releases that I might not have been suited to review in a favorable tone. The style was similar at least in two (see Shifters review) of the three releases that I listened to. The two mentioned were also repressed. Good for the label that has the demand to do it. Zines are a tricky issue when you have a label. What old jaded fuck am I going to get to review my releases? In the case of Radio Records, they got me. I have seen and heard and purchased many a release over my 20 years being involved in this type of music by bands that sounded the same as what I have heard from this label. Even with a healthy beer buzz going, this sat on the turntable for only one listen. I started, as usual, on side two and was not even interested in listening to the first side. It probably won’t see the light of day again because I’m not excited to hear it again. The two adjectives I’m going to use for this band and the two others I have listened to from this label is “average” and “generic.” Excite me people, kick me in the groin with your aggression. Don’t rehash something and not add some identity and creativity to it. Everything has not been formulated and used using the three chord formula. If you are bummed on this review, so what? It got the bad roll of the dice and landed before me so that it can excite me or bring my beer buzz down. Bitch and complain is what you read. I’m not going to apologize because it’s my opinion and my opinion only. If you rebut my comments, feel free and write to this here zine to express your opinion.

 –don (Radio)