Sep 22, 2009

If you look closely at the cover, the guy on the far right is clutching a 40 oz. of Mongoose malt liquor. This is significant. Mongoose, "the beer that bites back," is the Canadian response to King Cobra, one of the finest, best selling malt liquors in America. As part of my diligent research to get in the right frame of mind for the Trust Fund Babies (ripped to the tits), I bought a can after breakfast. Even on the label it says: "Warning: Because this beer contains nearly twice as much alcohol as regular beers, we advise that this beer be consumed in moderation!" Same goes for the TFBs. Dirty, sloppy, better-with-beer punk that's got similar alcoholic motivation to The Loudmouths and The Motards. When the mood grabs me, they hit the spot dead-on. Snappy 7".

 –todd (Rapid Pulse)

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