Lumbering and sinister music that is darker than dark—even more so during a long mid-day summer afternoon listening. The raspy vocals have a hot and dusty quality about them, as words are shouted and sometimes delivered with a gritting output. It’s as though the vocalist is reaching down deep and getting the lyrics out through some intense pain. The music is heavy without being overwrought and misanthropic in tone without beating you over the head. Not a common approach these days. Instead of stomping, kicking, and slobbering all over themselves in impotent anger, the songs peel away a little with every pass, revealing a darkness that cannot be pinned down. The guitars ring out and sometimes bash over rolling percussion. The bass snakes around real shifty and casts shadows in places where there shouldn’t be shadow. It’s the sort of music you “crawl inside” and let it consume you, blocking out the surroundings, as you soak in your malaise. Excellent record. One of my favorites for summer listening.

 –M.Avrg (Iron Lung, [email protected])