TRUE NORTH: Somewhat Similar: CD

Apr 13, 2008

True North owes a lot to Fugazi and Rites of Spring. The songs build up tension and release it in arty breakdowns. There’s heavy feedback in just the right places. There’s a lot of Guy Picciotto-style screaming and singing. The lyrics are vague and poetic in that punk-rock-lyric sense. This is more than just somewhat similar to Fugazi and Rites of Spring. It’s close enough to those bands that you could probably play Somewhat Similar to a Rites of Spring fan and convince him that this was actually a new side project from Guy and Brendan Canty. Still, what sets True North apart from the other Fugazi/Rites of Spring influenced bands is that they actually pull it off. The songs are original enough and interesting enough and fresh enough to let you forget the influences and just enjoy the music. Also, True North brings with them a lot of energy and rock, and those are the most important things.

 –sean (No Idea)

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