TØRSÖ: Sono Pronta a Morire: LP

Mar 22, 2016

Bleak and blistering feminist d-beat made by members of a million good bands I don’t need to name because this stands on its own. The vocals are snarling and caustic—definitely the biggest standout on this release, though the rest of the band sure as hell keeps up. The vocals actually remind me a lot of Reivers, another Oakland outfit, though the bands aren’t necessarily that similar otherwise. There’s some kind of effect on them that makes them sound like they’re coming out of a cave, which is really the cherry on top when it comes to lyrics like, “We all have dreams of being dismembered.” I feel like I could make closer comparisons if I was more familiar with European crust, but I know hard-and-fast-as-fuck when I hear it. This is tight.

 –Indiana Laub (State, sorrystaterecords.com)

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