Oct 16, 2009

Quite the mixed bag with these fellows. On one hand, they kick out five short blasts unflinchingly reminiscent of Paint It Black’s earlier material—even the vocals are eerily similar to Yemin’s. On the surface, it’s some reasonably decent stuff, if a little unremarkable. But the lyrics manage to come across as simultaneously self-loathing and yet terribly corny—the breakdown on “Loveless” is what sealed the deal for me: the music stops and the singer belts out “No one will ever fucking love me!” I just can’t deal with hardcore vocalists talking about how alone and unloved they are when there’s three or four other dudes standing behind them serving as the musical vehicle for their self-obsessed lamentations. It’s a big world out there, rife with problems—if you’re gonna focus exclusively on yourself, you’d better have something better than a Cat In The Hat-styled A-A-B-B rhyme scheme going on.

 –keith (Neutral Territory)