Oct 16, 2009

Preamble (or pre-ramble, your choice): At some point over the past year, I became aware of Traffic Street Records. I was on a rather well known “social networking” site looking at band pages. Turkish Techno, being a band I recently heard and liked, was one of the bands I was looking at. There was something on their page about an upcoming release on

Traffic Street(which is this release). This, naturally, prompted me to look into this TSR. I saw that there were a few upcoming releases that interested me from TSR. I was mostly stoked that the second (planned) release involved TT. As it turned out, several of the releases slated for release after this split came out before this one—so goes punk rock. Anyhow, I’m glad to have it in my hands finally. Troublemake: Here’s the band that I hadn’t heard of, and whose name was making me unsure whether I wanted to hear them. After having heard them, I can say that I would listen to ‘em again. They lay down two solid tracks that sound like more technical (early Lookout!-era) Queers with Justin (from Anti-Flag) filling in for Mr. King. In other words, Troublemake deliver some decent pop punk that isn’t exactly by the numbers. Middle ramble: Now that I think about it, I don’t know why I had no problem checking TT out, while being skeptical about Troublemake because of their name. Turkish Techno: Gruff-vocaled punk for the bearded and non-bearded alike. Their songs on here are bit simpler and more straight ahead than those on the Brokedowns and Shang-A-Lang splits, but they’ll still make you hop up, down, and all around. The only thing kinda whack about this side is that the two Turkish Techno tracks were recorded on different occasions, which is immediately apparent aurally—but really nothing at all.  –Vincent (Traffic Street)