May 20, 2010

Turkish Techno is neither of those things but a fun, punk anthem band, singing about cool girls that will give you something to live for while making you grow old every second—but they ain’t bitching about it! Good stuff. Troublemake is also a solid anathematic band, hailing from D.C., but making sounds in the Dillinger Four universe. This feels more produced than earlier songs—but with the strong, eager oomph they’ve always had—driving the songs with a spirit you can get on board with. This is the kind of stuff that makes house parties pop, getting everyone to sing and scream together. On their myspace page, main man Sam says he doesn’t want to sing and play bass, so they are looking for a singer or a bassist. I love that—no rock bullshit! Just energetic fun. Looks like they got a bassist so the peppy voice stays.

 –mike (Traffic Street,