TROUBLEMAKE: Staying Afloat in Florida: CD

Feb 15, 2007

Wow–7 Secondsish, fast happy voiced punk, poppy but too quick for radio, really great homegrown rock from a tiny town. A snappy six songs in seven minutes. First song called “No Talent, So What?”, lasts fourty-three seconds, but I think there is talent here, as in DIY don’t care what the rules are, I like what I sound like, “talent.” He wrote songs and then begged some guys to record the guitar parts for him. He stole DVD cases out of Blockbuster dumpsters coz CD cases are expensive. Pencil made covers, lyric sheet is on paper he found in his Mom’s house after she moved, and has enough commentary on it that its basically a cool one page zine. And the music is cool. I hope this kid is like twelve years old and blaming society. He is the winner of all losers! Love it.

 –mike ($1.50ppd, Sam, 4303 11th Ave E, Bradenton, FL, 34208)