Mar 27, 2008

NOTE TO BANDS: Dude, you guys. Please do not tape stuff to the top of your CD-Rs. In the majority of CD players, this can often render said items unplayable, forcing the reviewer to write you an email and ask that you please send another one to Razorcake HQ, this time without taping band names or addresses to the top of the goddamn thing. Troublemake juuuust squeezed by in this matter, as all CD players I came across simply laughed at me when I tried to play Feral. However, the computer grudgingly accepted it. And here’s what came out: Bittersweet and tinged with self-loathing, these guys play dirty pop punk with a nice, simple, melancholic early ‘90s feel, reminding me a lot of bands like the Larry Brrrds, The Kidz, and Jon Cougar Concentration Camp. Four songs, with only one of ‘em topping the two-minute mark; back when Dead Beat was putting out J Church and Whatever records, they’d have been all over this band. As a listener, I’d suggest waiting to see with what they hit us with next (even as a demo, this one comes across a little rough-hewn), but they’re definitely smacking me in the ear with the right kind of gloves.

 –keith (Sam)

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