TROUBLED SLEEP: Whacky Past Is Now: 7” EP

Nov 20, 2012

Listening to this, I’m reminded of early ‘90s indie pop, in particular the bands that were coming out of the DC area, which to me, was pretty good. In fact, it was one of the better things, musically, about that decade. Troubled Sleep are sort of like Copacetic-era Velocity Girl, but less sugary, and rough edges kept intact. Kind of like something you would hear on Simple Machines or SpinArt. It’s kind of punk in feel, but not punk in sound. Kind of strange descriptive, I know. But maybe you get what I’m saying. They don’t get wrapped up in sappy songs or precious lyrics, unlike a lot of pop. The songs are very well structured and executed, the guitar has a meandering way about it, and the rhythm section propels ever-forward. I get the sense of possibility listening to this record, and I listen to it daily. All the songs on here are fantastic, but “Bald Spot,” with the change up at the end... Whoa! How it builds up with “Eat with us, work for us...” to “All work and no play makes Mary a dull boy...” and how it builds up in tempo is awesome. Like the records of Unrest, Tsunami, Velocity Girl, etc. from twenty years ago figured heavily into my life at that time (and still do to some degree), this record is part of the soundtrack to my life now.

 –M.Avrg (Puzzle Pieces,, [email protected])

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