TROUBLED HUBBLE: Making Beds in a Burning House: CD

Jun 29, 2007

Fourth full-length from this Midwest band of rockers, and their first for Lookout. I can’t put my finger on what these guys sound like. Jangly guitar rock with an edge. Some of the song titles are so long they need semi-colons—but that’s okay. I’m wondering if these guys were med school drop-outs before deciding to pick up an axe or a stick? Song titles like “Ear Nose & Throat” and “Ear Nose & Throat Pt. II” led me to this conclusion. But I definitely think they should keep the lab coats on when they play live. “I’m Pretty Sure I Can See Molecules” and “Even Marathon Runners Need to Nap” are the stand-out tracks on this record. But if a song like “Nancy” can get in some Hollywood eardrums, they’re headed for a guest spot on the O.C.

 –koepenick (Lookout)