TROUBLE MAKER: Made in Oakland: CD

Jun 06, 2014

Meathead hardcore tinged with streetpunk, very much in the vein of a more monotonous Agnostic Front or Sick Of It All. It’s the kind of punk where the choruses are mostly the song titles chanted between the verses, which frequently concern getting trashed and beating the shit out of people. Made in Oakland surprised me every now and then with some rocking guitar solos, as well as the world’s most jarring Elton John reference. But they’re buried in junk like the insufferably douchey “Hit and Run” (spoiler: it’s not about traffic accidents) and way too many earnest complaints about posers. Really, by the time I got to the song actually called “Poser” I had to wonder if this whole thing was a parody. Sorry, guys: if you’re over thirty—or fifteen, really—and posers are still a serious problem in your life, we probably aren’t going to be on the same page musically either. 

 –Indiana Laub (Self-released,