Nov 16, 2010

When I think of Puerto Rico, I think of sunshine, bikinis, Ricky Martin, and that shitty ‘90s rap-metal band Puya. But not anymore. Two of the island country’s finest come together for a split of what will from now on, in my mind, disassociate any connotations of Puerto Rico and shitty music. Tropiezo has quite a few CD-R releases under their belt and, if anything, I’m pleased to finally see them being pressed onto wax. You like it fast? I like it fast. Tropiezo sure as hell like it fast. Taking Life’s Halt and RKL’s intensity up a few notches is not a bad way to make friends. Not to mention some of the best lyrics I’ve read in quite some time. La Virgen Del Pozo scare me. I’m fucking serious! There’s something about naming your band after a religious miracle and then sounding like Possessed playing grindcore that just spells out E.V.I.L. The lyrics are further proof. Topics include the daily tortures of life, disguising yourself as death to reap souls (for fun, I guess), and drawing your own blood (also for fun?). They even acknowledge that they do believe in extraterrestrials and not in God, but are also quick to warn any alien visitors against the thought of enslaving humanity: “Preparanse para la muerte” translates to “prepare yourselves to die.” Seriously fierce and deranged stuff that must be heard to be believed. The cover of this split depicts two monsters battling it out on public streets and destroying everything in their paths. It couldn’t be more suitable of an image to accompany the musical devastation contained herein. Crucial.

 –Juan Espinosa (Discos De Hoy, [email protected])

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