TROPIEZO: Creando Nuevos Enemigos: CD

It appears these kids are making one helluva concerted effort to become the Minutemen of modern hardcore. This is the third release I’ve seen from them in the past twelve months, with another sixteen songs that rarely pass the two-minute mark to add onto an already heaping pile of similar tunes. Mind you, I’m not complaining, ’cause they are easily one of the best bands out right now, but one has to wonder where the fuck they find the time to crank out so many songs, let alone rehearse them to the level of taut, stop-on-a-dime perfection they consistently turn in? Do they have jobs? Do they sleep? Are they human? That said, this is another collection of spastic hardcore that flies from one tempo to the next mid-song in a way that has to be heard to be understood, delivered with a level of precision one expect more from a Teppan-Yaki style chef than a punk band. What all this hyperbolic rambling translates into is that this is one prolific and seriously badass band and they’ve released another CD worthy of much attention and listening time.

 –jimmy (