Troost: DVD

Aug 22, 2013

So, apparently, these guys were like, “Let’s have a bunch of bands play our virtually pitch-black basement! We’ll call it a fest and then we’ll put out a live DVD! We’ll film two camera angles: well-lit drummer and very-dimly-lit everything else! It’ll rule!” And that’s exactly what did. And I watched it. One song from each band, almost an hour’s worth of material. Regardless of the fact that the bands seem to have rum the gamut of various styles within punk, which is to be applauded, well, it all still sounds like a tinny basement show that’s been put out on DVD. I’m going to be generous and file it under “Guess you had to be there.” Apart from folks who were in the basement at the time and want to try and see if they can discern a friend, colleague, or bandmate in the dimness, I don’t think there’s any reason why someone else would ever need to watch this. Features Grizzy J. Berry, Harsh Reality, Meat Mist, Dark Ages, Nature Boys, Battle Royale, Sneaky Creeps, White Slave, Baitfish, Texas Instruments, Regret, The Informer, No Master, Sucked Dry, Boreas, and Attention Seeker.