TRIS MCCALL: The Open Secret: CD

Dec 30, 2008

I don’t imagine most people reading this have any idea who Tris McCall is, but I’ve been a decent fan since the first time I happened to catch him live back a few years ago. As a Jersey City local and constant arts advocate, Tris has been writing songs about what he knows and loves (New Jersey and its scenery, politics, culture, etc.) and has been performing them in various incarnations, from stripped down to larger backing bands. This CD, in particular, contains a live solo piano performance in Jersey City, I believe in a church (though there’s no real liner notes, and I haven’t been able to keep tabs of his shows as of late). Think if Aaron Cometbus was more of an indie popster than house show punker, who stayed closer to home instead of traveling from town to town, and wrote songs similar to They Might Be Giants or The Mountain Goats.

 –joe (Self-released)