TRICLOPS!: Out of Africa: CD

Aug 21, 2008

This is a totally weird, totally intense, and thoroughly enjoyable strange trip. It sounds like intelligent-manic aliens on acid formed a band after listening to a lot of Melvins, Phish, ‘70s progressive rock, and Zack de la Rocha’s vocals. The result is unlike anything you have ever heard before, and nobody else can sound like this. Triclops! is a genre unto itself. You will either love this album or you will hate it; there is no in between in the higher-regions of experimental, socio-political, serious-yet-inane consciousness. There are only seven songs here, but the entire experience clocks in at about forty minutes total. No matter; time is irrelevant in this dimension where scathing denouncement of American materialism and hostile world imperialism swirls in an earsplitting melodic cacophony of comedic nonsense as presented on track two “Iraq Curator.” Play this for your friends and they will either look at you knowingly or as if you had three eyes on your forehead.

 –Marcus Solomon (Alternative Tentacles)