Tribute to Ron Asheton: Featuring Iggy & the Stooges & Special Guests: DVD

Jun 12, 2014

Full disclosure: I only love about half the first Stooges album, I think Fun House pretty much sucks, and I generally find watching concert DVDs about as exciting as watching other people making out. That said, I like this DVD just fine. Recorded in Ann Arbor on April 19th, 2011, this is—as name suggests—a Stooges tribute show on behalf of departed Stooge Ron Asheton. After a few minutes of documentary-like pre-show footage, things kick off with a nearly half-hour onstage intro lecture by Henry Rollins. Clad in a clean black T-shirt and jeans, the audience cheers, laughs, and waxes solemn on his cues. It reminds me of watching The Lawrence Welk Show with my grandmother as a child. Eventually, the Rollins Travelogue abates, the Stooges emerge, and launch into “I Got a Right” with Hank on vocals. Hank yields the stage to Iggy, who looks as manic and ripped as ever, except that his skin looks kinda like the film that you get on top of boiled milk. They blast into “Search and Destroy.” Mike Watt is on bass. Everything is Archie. They play more songs; Iggy consumes more and more bottled water to keep up the Stoogely pace. Everything sounds great. Eventually, it’s the weird things that keep my interest—the crowd dancing on the stage during “Shake Appeal,” the orchestra who join the band during a few of the later numbers. I fold clothes in the other room during the jazzy crap off of Fun House. Sue me. Things come to a thunderous conclusion with “No Fun,” as is right and just. I feel suitably enriched. The end. –Rev. Nørb (MVD Visual,