TRIAC: Dead House Dreamingq: CD

Jun 20, 2007

A furious assault of grind metal, I like this. It’s a little deeper than most music in this genre; in addition to the traditional blastbeats and riffage, they go off on tangents of sludge and tech-metal. It brings to mind Cephalic Carnage, and even a little Discordance Axis. I’m not crazy about the vocals. I think the singer dude could’ve tried to come up with some more interesting stuff, like the rest of his band does, but hell, they have a song called “Old Leprechaun,” which proves they’re not taking themselves too seriously, which is definitely necessary with this kind of music. If you’re in the mood to smash shit, this would be a good record to listen to while doing it.

 –ben (Reptilian)