TREIOPS TREYFID: Feelings of Unreality: CD

Oct 23, 2007

Third solo release from ex-member of DC art rockers Pitchblende. Definitely out of the ordinary—each song sometimes sounds like a different artist. But somehow it all holds together with excellent results. “What Can I Do But Continue” reminds me of Magazine at their peak as Treiops sings about his life falling apart—“Guano building up on the bathroom sill/bats flying round my apartment/mice in the broiler pan.” “Her Stories Wrote Themselves” is a slow, meditative song that features some nice guitar strumming with some bongos in the background. This is about a dream the singer had and Mark Harmon shows up. Pretty scary! “Rolling Blackout” is a cool song that for some reason sounds like a cross between Peter Murphy and early (good) Lou Reed. Treiops sings in the chorus, “Which big band do you believe in?/The alternate path I go down and down again/walking towards the door/many years ago it was so old.” Feelings of Unreality is a challenging, remarkably innovative work that begs repeated playbacks for everything to sink into your cranium. Once it’s there it won’t be easily dislodged. Especially track nine.

 –koepenick (Postfact)