Mar 07, 2013

Conventional wisdom is that drugs make people less reliable. The response to someone saying “I just took a ton of acid” is never, “Man, you’re gonna be the next President of the United States.” (And mean it.) So, explain to me how Isaac Thotz is able to traipse through psychedelia, early Kinks, the Zombies, The Animals, The Monks, and a bunch of sunshiney, Anglophile-weird-and-fluctuant stuff and come out the end sounding smarter, expansive-as-shit, and on top of his game? I’ve seen and heard far more than my fair share of all-flash, no-cash, electrocuted-Tribble-haircutted, ass-sticking-out “revival” bands attempting this and failing miserably. The Makers, for instance. So, here you have a humble, soft-spoken, ultra-nice guy who happens to be in another one of the best current bands on the planet, The Arrivals, and he nails psych pop perfection like it’s the most natural, effortless thing in the world. All the time posers spent cramming their feet into skinny shoes, getting their man-nails done and their pubes tweezed, and sniffing lines arrowed towards major label support, Isaac listened to and played his way onto records that are solid ‘60s gold. They’ve already gone platinum. At least at Razorcake; at least in my mind. I love this stuff. A true piper at the gates of Blue Island.

 –todd (Recess)