Jul 23, 2012

Isaac Thotz is one of a small handful of musicians I’m willing to follow anywhere. He’s musically much smarter than me. He’s here to reveal and share, not pretend, pout, and approximate. (See modern day corporate-backed, energy-drink-stupid-car “garage rock” for the latter.) Razorcake readers are probably most familiar with Isaac as one of the singers/guitarists of the Arrivals. Treasure Fleet’s done all the heavy lifting and dusty-fingered, shit-listening, vinyl flipping through hidden gems of the ‘60s. Dude, I’m not even going to pretend I like the Beatles. I’m motherfuckin’ choosy with the Pink Floyd / Kinks / Animals / Zombies catalogs—all signposts for Treasure Fleet. Yet, I openly embrace and totally dig this record. How? Distillery. Isaac took out the self-indulgent wank, the boring bits, the failed experiments, the major label softening and compromises. Cocamotion isn’t a nostalgic highjack or a thin stylistic exercise. I know Isaac’s a hard-working, music-loving, punk and punk-friendly musician who’s completely at odds with modern popular music—how it’s made, how it’s consumed. What to do? Reach back in time; renovate, rebuild, reconfigure, and reoccupy that space. Inspired.

 –todd (Recess,