TRAVOLTAS: High School Reunion: CD

Jul 09, 2007

Music which sounds like the tragic result of not-particularly-spectacular carnal knowledge of Gary Numan by the Yum-Yums. Not entirely horrible, but yet so unbearably anemic that i should be given pause to wonder if this album was not raised since birth in a veal pen. BEST SONG: Although the “song composed of staged ‘answering machine messages’“ gimmick is one that pretty much ran the course of its fifteen minutes of fame about, oh, fifteen minutes ago, “Class of ‘88” kinda touched me because the jilted guy/condescending girl dialogue was, tragically, pretty much right on. BEST SONG TITLE: “Major Tom” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I heard that “Major Tom” song for about the first time in like fifteen years this summer at an ice cream parlor, and i was thinking how cool it would be if someone covered it... then these guys cover it in their native tongue (whatever the hell it is), and, completely overthrowing my recent tirades on how European bands oughtta sing in their native language, i find myself wishing that they’d sung it in English instead. Huh.

 –norb (Fastmusic)