TRAUMA: 10 Song: EP

Jul 29, 2013

Expectations were off the charts for this record. Were they met? Hell yes! They were surpassed. Members of Deathreat, Final Warning, Tragedy, and Long Knife recorded this way back in 2008, released it as a demo, and then finally pressed it onto vinyl. Thank the lard! This record rages. It’s like hearing the first Deathreat EP for the first time. A situation of “Holy fuck! Where has this record been all my life?!” Blazing hardcore from beginning to end. Were you expecting less? You can hear their past bands blended smoothly into the mix, and they don’t sound like anyone in particular. Just loud and manic. I crank the opening bass dive bombs to “See You Fall” every time. It gives the song that extra punch. Then there are the thundering tracks like “No Hope No More” and “Era of Excess.” Then you get a song like “End of the World” with the guitar that gives the song a different texture amongst all the distortion and crushing percussion. The closer, “Utopia,” is the sound of the world coming undone.

 –M.Avrg (Bulkhead,