TRASSELS, THE: Grifter: 7"

Feb 05, 2009

It’s amazing where you find interesting and rad stuff from around the world. I’m not as connected as many might think. I do actively trade with a friend from Finland. He always sends me great stuff. My criteria to him for sending me stuff is always anything. This is one of those things. This band is an all-star band of sorts. Featuring members of Finish punk bands Kuolleet Kulat, Valse Triste, Mellakka and others. Going for something different, they do more of a straight forward rock escapade. I hear a '60s garage punk influence mixed with a surf beat ala Agent Orange – melodies that make me want to jump up and down doing the shimmy, go out and buy some mod clothing and grow out my hair and wear a Beatles bowl cut. People that are into the (International) Noise Conspiracy will relate to this. I, on the other hand, feel this is far superior to the latter.

 –don (Killer)