TRASHIES, THE: Self-Titled: 7"

Jun 20, 2007

Once and a while, a band comes along that blows your mind with its depth and overwhelming creativity. And other times, some jerks like The Trashies put out some stupid songs about chicken sandwiches and the Northwest trashcore existence, and that’s okay too. Sometimes accused of being a dumber version of The Spits (true) and their songs sounding all the same (also very true), their first vinyl release spits out two Trashies classics, “Bring Daddy a Chicken Sandwich” and “Taz Tattoo,” featuring Peggy Pinkeye. The 7” also boasts of packaging bonuses, such as a picture of a real Tasmanian Devil tattoo and individually spray painted and handwritten cardboard cover art created in the infamously filthy 24/7 house venue where they record. The Trashies may be stupid, but at least they’re still a pretty fucking fun guilty pleasure, like spending all your money on drugs and partying the night before rent is due. Get Trashies’ music before one of them knocks up their cousin or dies of alcohol poisoning.

 –bree (Party’s Over)