TRASHIES, THE: Life Sucks Trash Fuk: CD-R

Jun 22, 2007

These guys claim that they wrote and recorded these eleven songs in one day. Given the lo-fi recording, I suppose it’s possible, but there’s something that’s just a bit too smart about this shit that doesn’t quite make it credible. And despite the “hey, we’re scumbags” angle they’re pushing for, they’re a pretty tight band. So, yeah, I’m not buying it. That said, these guys are idiots: they spray painted the face of the CD and managed to get some on the bottom of the disc as well. They also managed to completely staple the CD into the paper sleeve, so I had to rip the thing completely apart in order to get to the disc. Nice job. Anyway, the review: spazzed-out punk with the occasional keyboard and gang vocals. The song titles are telling: “Science Sucks,” “Discount Meat,” “I’m High So What,” “I Hate You Motherfuckers,” I’m Aborted,” and my personal favorite, “Sweatpants Boner.” No contact info except for a fucking Myspace address. With equal parts Dayglo Abortions, Germs, and Tyrades all vying for breathing room on this thing, if they could just get their shit together enough to make something aesthetically presentable (or at least make sure not to get fucking spray paint on the next record), they might be on to something that the scummier side of the street’d be popping wood over.

 –keith (The Trashies,